Our Vision, Your Mission

Our Vision, Your Mission

Get Fit Seymour 2015 v2 - 3

GetFitSeymour and our coaches encourages employees of our local businesses and South Knox/Seymour area residents to engage in exercise and healthy nutrition with a goal of reduced weight and improved emotional health.

Our ultimate goal is to improve the health and well-being of our community as we believe we need to fight the war of obesity starting on our own backyard. Participants are invited to join the Challenge and live a more healthy and fit lifestyle.

Your Mission, should you accept it, to embark on a lifelong journey to a healthier, more fit you. This free 60 day challenge will teach you how to eat cleaner, get the exercise you need to live a healthy lifestyle, feel better both physically and mentally, and enjoy life. It’s time to fight the fight against obesity, make a difference in our lives and our families lives. It’s time to make the change. It won’t be easy but the reward will be great! Question is, will you accept the mission?

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