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Our Get Fit Seymour Headquarters are located at the GForce Fitness Gym and Ninja Warrior complex. They will have fitness classes even when we are not in season to EVERYONE in the community.

When we are not running our challenge, anyone in the community may join us to workout, have a great time getting fit, and become more healthy.      We are located at 209 Chilhowee School Rd, Seymour TN.

$5 a class or $45 monthly membership for unlimited classes.


GFight – 6PM
GFunk – 7PM


Kettlebell – 6PM
Step – 6PM
GPower – 6PM
GFlex – 7PM
GFunk – NOON
Pilates – 6PM


GPower – 9am (come a little bit early to set up your weights)

Description of our classes:

GFIGHT – all Warriors encouraged to attend. Punch and kick your way to fitness and burn lots of calories in this non-contact class that offers kick boxing, boxing, and MMA moves. No experience
needed. Gretchen (AKA GForce) teaches this awesome class for beginners all the way to the advanced who is looking for a good cardio kick and strength training all in one class. THIS CLASS IS

GFUNK – Glow in the dark as you dance your way into shape with great music, fun moves and amazing people! It’s a high energy dance party that will make you forget you are working out, all while burning a ton of calories. This workout is easily modifiable and is suitable for anyone of any age! Make sure you wear your neon! Instructed by Brandy

STEP – Come STEP your way to fitness in this fun fat blast class. Pure Cardio performing simple dance moves on base step. Step will take you to the next level while having fun to great music. Alexis will show you all you need to sweat, burn calories and have fun while becoming more fit!

GPOWER – delivers benefits in this full-body workout AND will burn calories, shape and tone your entire body, increase core strength and improve bone health with weight training and a barbell. THIS CLASS IS FOR GUYS AND GALS! Come discover the secret to developing lean, athletic muscle in this barbell weight training class. GForce (Gretchen) will lead you to a more lean sexy machine – YOU!

GFLEX – This class focuses on rehabilitative stretching to help you perform at your optimal peak during classes. Gentle stretches that have a low-impact way to get your muscles moving without putting a lot of stress and pressure on them. As a result, it’s often used as a tool in the recovery process after an injury or returning to fitness. ALL levels welcome – modifications available even if you can’t get on the floor – this class offers alternatives to help you be a better you!

KETTLEBELL – A blast from the past! One of the oldest pieces of equipment in history, is the new Craze! Kettlebells produce results! This well-rounded kettlebell program, taught by Dee, not only burns fat, to sculpt, tone and define, it also increases flexibility and balance! In this hands-on class we will lead you through the basic holds, lifts and moves while progressively challenging you to the next level!

ABS/MUTU – Are you ready to strengthen your core?! Let’s get strong, fit and body confident! This
program, taught by Dee, is strategically designed for women who want their bodies to look, feel and
function better! Lose weight, improve strength, tone and fitness! Join us for a complete body

TOTAL BODY – combines cardio with weight resistance for TOTAL BODY workout! You WILL sweat and burn lots of calories!