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Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is Get Fit Seymour? 2017-12-31T18:54:03+00:00

In case you haven’t heard of Get Fit Seymour (GFS), let us fill you in. GFS is a 501c3 non-profit organization with a mission for the Seymour Community. Our mission is improve the health and well being of the Community by offering classes for all ages, all physical conditions and with no contacts like the “big box” gyms during our program. Cumulatively we have been able to help over 1300 people lose 5,841 pounds and 4,065 inches since 2013! We aren’t finished as we wish to continue to serve and support participants in the future.   

Every class is a NO JUDGEMENT zone. The trainers are CERTIFIED and have gotten those certifications on their own time and at their own cost so they can provide high level, quality classes right here “at home”.

All staff members are volunteers dedicating their time, energies, and efforts into helping folks on their journeys. Our program is not for profit so we depend on community and local business support to operate. Every year it all starts with our 6 week program to kick start the journey. During the programs annual run our registered participants are exposed to nutrition classes, coaches who will guide them on making good choices as well as fitness classes to decide what they like to do to stay physically fit all for free. This year our program is from March 10 – April 15th, 2018.

We also give back to the community! In previous years we were able to donate to the Seymour Volunteer Fire Department, complete numerous food drives for CROSS Ministries, donate to the Women’s Center, Treasures from the Heart and Common Cause Thrift Store on Chapman Highway. You see, Get Fit Seymour is a community program and we help our community in any way we can in addition to helping folks understand nutrition and fitness.

When the six week program closes we continue to offer continued education and fitness at the GForce Fitness studio, 209 Chilhowee School Rd, Seymour, TN. Their group fitness classes are only $5 a person with no contract, no commitment and offer a nonjudgmental facility that celebrates everyone who decides to come in and make a change in their lives regardless of age, sex, size, or fitness level.

To participate you must register during our registration period and be 18 years or older. NO registration at the door. Once registration is closed, we will not be able to accept anyone else. Registration is non transferable and non refundable.

I am not currently working out at all. Will Get Fit Seymour be too much for me to do? 2017-12-31T19:01:46+00:00

NO! The heart behind Get Fit Seymour is that each individual would move from their current fitness level to the next. This event is open to all fitness levels. We are a non judgmental organization, regardless of your fitness level, shape, size, or age all are welcome. Get Fit Seymour is about getting you moving, achieving your goals, reaching a personal healthy weight, and fully pursuing a more fit you.

I am not overweight, I just need to get in shape. I guess this isn’t for me? 2017-12-31T19:10:47+00:00

Get Fit Seymour is for anyone wanting to get in shape and become more healthy. We are a non judgmental organization, regardless of your fitness level, shape, size, or age all are welcome. Yes, it is for you too!

What should I expect at the Get Fit Seymour Kick-Off? 2017-12-31T19:13:00+00:00

The Get Fit Seymour Kick-Off will include the following:

  • Participant Registration has already happened and you have already met your coach. NO registration at the door. You MUST wear your team Tshirt andwrist band to gain access.
  • You will have already met your coaching team as well as your team, so go join them in the gym.
  • You will receive inspiration from others who have made a similar fitness journey
  • Everyone will participate in a 45 minute initial workout (DRESS APPROPRIATELY!)
I heard there are prizes, what are the rules? 2017-12-31T19:14:00+00:00

Prizes of $300 will be awarded  to the male and female for the most weight and inches lost %, one $100 drawing for those completing the program and providing beginning and ending measurements (you will receive an entry into the drawing) and weight data, and also many MVP prizes.

Rules for all contestants are as follows:

  • All participants must attend and participate in at least ONE of our scheduled workouts per week. Must be on our calendar of offered classes! This workout will be logged using our app.
  • All participants must attend at least 2 Nutrition classes during the challenge.
  • To be eligible, all participants must attend the measurements, kick-off and closing ceremonies. Missing either of these events results in disqualification from the competition, however, you may still participate.
  • If you fall out of eligibility you may re-up in our newly created re-qual program.
  • Participants must wear their wristbands to each workout to gain access to the class. Any participants not wearing a wrist band will be asked to leave or you may pay $5 to attend the class. In the event a wristband is lost, your coach will have a replacement for you for a $10.00 replacement donation.
How many workouts are available during the week? 2017-12-31T19:16:59+00:00

Please refer to the Weekly Workout Schedule for a list of all the potential times, types, and workout locations provided by coaches, available to all participants. This schedule will be announced soon.

How will a coach/trainer help me with exercises? With nutrition? 2017-12-31T19:17:48+00:00

Each coach/trainer has significant training in various fields of physical exercise to help you achieve your weight loss goals. They have experienced the weight-loss journey you are on and can understand what contestants is feeling, desire. They also understand that fitness is a lifestyle and will give you wisdom, accountability, and the challenge that each participant needs. See all our Nutritional Resources.

As for nutrition, we suggest you plan to attend the Nutritional classes offered once a week. Coaches will encourage you toward the healthy eating tips shared at these classes as well as other ideas that have worked for them.

Besides achieving my fitness goals, will there be prizes? Team Prize? How do I win? 2017-12-31T19:18:26+00:00

YES! The official contest rules and prizes will be listed under DOCUMENTS, so check back prior to the event. Also, if you have signed up and participate, we believe you are already a winner!

  • $300 prize for male AND female with the most weight/inches % lost during the challenge.
  • $100 prize drawing. Must be present and have provided weight and measurements for both opening and closing ceremonies.  (You will receive a ticket (provided at closing) after providing stats for your chance to enter into the drawing to win the $100!)
  • MVP prizes galore!
How can I best stay informed of updates pertaining to Get Fit Seymour? 2017-12-31T19:20:14+00:00

Check here at getfitseymour.com

Also, like us on Facebook and follow us onTwitter.

What is my $40 for, I thought this was a free challenge? 2017-12-31T19:21:06+00:00

The 6 week challenge and all the classes are free to you. The $40 suggested donation will include your t shirt and wrist band that will gain you access to all classes. We are a non profit organization with all volunteers to help run the program. Monies donated to the program will go to pay for insurance, rent, licensing fees, etc that are costs to run this program for the community.

I can’t access registration through my mobile device, why? 2017-12-31T19:21:51+00:00

When you go to our website on your mobile device, press NAVIGATION located in the top left hand corner of the page. Choose registration and proceed.