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Our Coaches

Brandy Sawyer and Mandy Baird – Team Iron Fire

Brandy Sawyer says, " Get Fit Seymour is a great opportunity to participate in a variety of different fitness classes at many levels. This is my third year on a coaching team. I have been so inspired by my coaches and assistant coaches from previous years, and I hope to take what I have learned, and pay it forward! I am blessed to now be an instructor, and be on this journey with you!Get Fit Seymour 2018, here we come!"


Mandy Baird says, "GetFit Seymour has been such a great avenue for me to be able to stay healthy and in shape. As a mom of four very active kids, and wife to an adventurous husband, it has helped me to not only GETFIT but STAYFIT!! I am so excited to Co-Coach with Brandy on Team Iron Fire this year!!! It’s an honor to be given the opportunity to help others see the life they may be missing out on like I was all those years before GetFit! I can’t wait to start this journey!!"

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    Gretchen Rivers and Suzanne Loveday – Head Coaches


    Gretchen Rivers says, "In my fitness circle I am known as G Force and I beast each workout with as much force as I can muster!  Not only am I the creator and President of Get Fit Seymour, but since June 2013 I have lost over 100 pounds and 105 inches. For the Get Fit Seymour 2018 I will be working on my post baby body trying to get back to where I was before I got pregnant!  Life is hard, staying fit is hard, choose your hard!  I look forward to working with you to help you meet your goals!"

    She owns GForce Fitness Seymour and is a certified AFAA personal trainer, certified to teach Les Mills Body Combat and Body Pump, Cize Live, Dance Fitness, Group X, and Core and Strength Training as well as certified in Nutrition. For Get Fit Seymour 20187 she will be teaching Body Combat, Body Pump, and Warrior Fitness.  Her motto is,  "Never Give Up – Always Find A Way! Together we can succeed – are you ready? Let’s do this – you’ve got this!”


    Suzanne Loveday is married and a mother of three boys ranging in age from 24 to 5. She started her weight loss journey last year with GFS and by the end she has lost 18 pounds. She continues the up and down of weight loss but she refuse to give up! She looks forward to working with others in their quest to Get Fit and could not be any more excited for the 2018 season to start!

      Taylor Turner and Sheila Spakes – Team Taylor Made


      Taylor says, “I have been a personal trainer for over 13 years and worked with people from 10 years old 80 years old!! I design my classes so they are accessible but challenging to all abilities! I have been called a drill sergeant more than once, but we always have fun too!  I was a D1 collegiate athlete for crew at the University of MN, am ACE certified. I have a bachelor’s degree with a concentration in Physiology, Sociology and Food Science and Nutrition and am a professional mixed martial artist.”


      Sheila says, "My name is Sheila Spakes.   I have a great husband of almost 20 years.   I love helping people which is why I have decided to be a coach!   I can't wait to meet everyone!!

        Spring Orr and Kathy Conway – Team Goal Diggers

        My name is Spring Orr. I moved to Seymour 4 years ago. I am originally from Memphis, TN.

        I coach cheer leading, own a mobile spray tan business, work part time in our dental practice, and volunteer for Kingdom Potential Ministries.

        Moving away from home was very difficult for me. Leaving a job I had for all of my adult life, leaving close friends that I spent a lifetime building relationships with, and leaving my family that I was very close to, caused me to become pretty depressed. I spent the most part of that first year and half feeling sorry for myself and rejecting everything that was Seymour and not Memphis.

        I decided to sign up for the first Get Fit Seymour. I worked out some back home home. My weight has been a struggle for as long as I can remember. I need to meet some people in town. Those were all the reasons I decided to sign up. That first Get Fit Seymour turned out to be all that and much more for me. I found a passion for fitness and exercise. I found a passion for empowering people to reach their full potential and dream big dreams. After participating in the first and second GFS, I made it my goal to be a coach for GFS. Get Fit Seymour was a game changer for me, physically and emotionally. I am honored to be a part of the coaching staff .


        Kathy Conway says, "My name is Kathy Conway. I joined the first GFS in 2014, and have been a participant for 3 years. This is my second year as an assistant coach. Since starting my fitness journey, I’ve found I have more energy, my old knees don’t hurt all the time, and I can do so much more than I used to! Let’s do this together!"

          Shamir Peshewa Jackson and Ilona Morgan – Team Marvel My Fitness

          Shamir is a MMA fighter and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu blue belt, she has been a personal trainer on and off for over 9 years. Last year Shamir opened her own fitness business called Marvel my Fitness, Marvel focuses on weight lifting, circuits, body mechanics and customized plans for overall athletic ability, designed for any shape and size.

          Ilona Morgan

            Karen “Q” Quilliams and Jodi Rainwater – Team Force 2B Reckoned With

            Karen Quilliams is a fitness instructor for the City of Sevierville, certified in Primary Aerobics, Indoor Cycling, and Yoga. She was involved from the inception of Get Fit Seymour, serving as Coach, Head Coach, and Board Member. When not instructing fitness classes, Karen can be found hiking in the Great Smoky Mountains. She and her Tennessee native husband, Kevin have three young adult children, and live in Seymour with their very silly dog, Roscoe.

            Jodi Rainwater is a wife to a wonderful husband a mother to two beautiful children, one puppy and two kitties. Jodi is the owner /operator of JR Cleaning for the last 4 years. She is going on her 3rd year with Get Fit Seymour and is very excited to be part of the coaching team this year. Her hobbies are hiking and landscaping but loves remodeling!!

              Aaron and Ashlee Todd – Team Body Transformers

              Aaron says, "My name is Aaron Todd and I have been a part of Get Fit Seymour for 1 year, being fortunate enough to win the male prize for most weight/inches lost in 2017. I am a product manager for Elavon, a payments processor, and live in the South Knox area. In my free time I enjoy traveling, a good movie, Stephen King books, fantasy football, camping, jogging, and of course attending GFS classes. This is my first year as a coach and I am excited to take down the competition!"

              Ashlee says, "My name is Ashlee Todd, and I joined Get Fit Seymour in 2017. I live in South Knoxville, work as a Relationship Manager for Elavon (a payments processor), and also own a wedding and event planning business. I love to travel, crafting, riding my ATV, and watching a good Disney movie. My GFS classes of choice are Cize and Country Heat."

                Hope Johnson and Chelsie Trowbridge – Team Raising the Bar

                Hope Johnson says, "I am 25 years old. I'm a recovering addict and have struggled with my weight for most of my life. I've been clean for three years and just recently in the past year have started my journey to being healthier and comfortable with the way I look and I hope to help you begin your journey as well!"

                Chelsea Foster, says, "I’m 25 years old, and I got into fitness/healthy living about 7 years ago for a few reasons: I needed more strength for horseback riding, I was not happy with my body and was tired of feeling embarrassed of how I looked, and I wanted to live a healthy lifestyle. I enjoy trying new fitness activities, healthy recipes, and encouraging other people to live a healthier lifestyle as well!"


                  Carmen Solomon and Susan Byrd – Team Life Changers

                  Carmen Solomon says, "I joined GFS as a participant in 2016 looking for the right fit to get back on track.  I have battled with diabetes since 2004 and live with the ongoing battles of managing life, exercise and nutrition.  During GFS 2016 I lost 9 pounds and have learned to love exercise again.  I was excited to be asked to be a co-coach for the 2017 GFS season while also working with the social media .  I love to help people and I look forward to sharing with the 2018 participants their new lifestyle journey."

                  Susan Byrd says, "I joined GFS in 2016 as a participant & I believe in the program. I have made a life style change that has taken me on a journey that will last the rest of my life. I lost 17 lbs during GFS 2016 season & to date have lost 28 lbs. I joined the GFS Admin team in the summer of 2016 & joined the coaching team in the fall of 2016. I'm excited to be a coach again this year & look forward to helping our team to start their journey & learn a new life style."


                    Natalie Roberts and Heather Palmer – Team Journey 4 Life

                    Natalie Roberts says, "I've been married for 21 years but have been together 26 years total. I have 3 kids and a grandson who is 1. I've been part of Get Fit Seymour for 4 years and I have enjoyed meeting so many new people and becoming friends. In 2014 I started my weight loss journey and started going to Gretchen's classes, still going to her classes except during marching band season. I lost 75 lbs and lots of inches, but I've had lots of family issues and sadly I've let stress happen and I've gained a lot of it back. So again I'm starting my journey over and I will succeed because I know I Am Worthy just like each and everyone of you are!"

                     Heather Palmer says, "I live in Seymour with my husband of 17 years, Todd, and our 2 kids, Toby and Hadley. I have participated in Get Fit Seymour since it began. This is my first year as a co-coach. I am very excited to coach along side my sister.

                      Ken and Inger Conner – Team Heartwize

                      Ken has been a prior participant with Get Fit Seymour and is someone who has the desire to help people change, more so than ever. As a guy you think you are invincible, but that strong young man that you once were doesn’t stay strong and in shape forever. Ken has always loved coaching all kinds of sports. After having been diagnosed with congestive heart failure a little over a year ago, the doctor looked at Ken and said are you willing to change. He said, “No doubt, I’ll do whatever it takes!” Ken has never looked back and has been eating healthy, makes a point to get his exercise in and sharing his story and how important it is to live and be here for not only you, but you and your family, because YOU ARE IMPORTANT and Team Heartwize is here for you!

                      Inger has been a participant with Get Fit Seymour three different times and had great success. Her desire to want to go, go, go has always been there, but her biggest struggle has been acceptance from the small things to the big things. Inger believes in Get Fit Seymour as a way to give you the tools that you need so you to can go, go go and get your health headed in the right direction, also just to love who you are, and know that just by making the small changes in your life, you will have great success. Together with her husband, Ken, they want to get your blood pumping Heartwize!